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Port Loring Ontario, Accommodations and Things To Do
Hotel - Motel
Northland Motel - Country
We are centrally located to: back roads for ATV's - Great snowmobile trails to or from Sudbury, Parry Sound or North Bay - Deer, Moose, Partridge, Rabbit and Bear hunting or viewing - Canoe routs - Boat launches on the pickerel river system

Cottage Resort
Pine Lake Camp - Waterfront - Pine Lake on the Wolfe River
The waterway consists of the Wolfe River, Pine Lake and Swan Lake, allowing access to approximately nine miles of lakes. This camp is not accessible by road. There are 4 cabins to choose from, which range from 2 bedroom to 5 bedrooms. A new lodge offers all the comforts of home in a beautiful setting. The lodge offers 3 bedrooms with 8 beds, sunroom and deck
Wilson Lake Resort - Waterfront - Pickerel River
A quiet, informal, family run 4 season cottage resort. Our Ontario cottage rental accommodations are various 1, 2, 3 and 6 bedroom cottages.
Old Mirror Lodge - Waterfront - Pickerel River System
Our cottages are direct on the lake. With every cottage a boat is provided for your entire stay. You have direct access to 70 km waterways of the historical Pickerel River System.

Full Service Lodge
Old Mirror Lodge - Waterfront - Pickerel River System
In our fully licensed restaurant we offer you fine Canadian dining. On our sundeck you can enjoy the pristine scenery of Toad Lake (former Mirror Lake) and the greatest sunsets and star-studded skies. We are operating the resort for guests with modified American plan/house- keeping.
Hotel / Motel

Northland Motel
Fax: (705) 757-1560
Phone: (705) 757-2636
Toll Free: (877) 521-1101

Bed and Breakfast



A Pine Grove Resort Cottage
Phone: (905) 383-3490
Toll Free: (877) 899-9305

Pine Lake Camp
Phone: (705) 757-1170

Wright Point Resort
Fax: (705) 757-1571
Phone: (705) 757-1190

Wilson Lake Resort
Fax: (705) 757-2079
Phone: (705) 757-2079
Toll Free: (800) 316-8930

Tornado's Canadian Resorts Inc.
Fax: (705) 757-3007
Phone: (705) 757-2050
Toll Free: (800) 663-2277

Pine Lake Camp
Phone: (705) 757-1170
Toll Free: (800) 689-0610

Minnehaha Camp Resort
Fax: (705) 757-3382
Phone: (705) 757-2004
Toll Free: (877) 933-2267



Old Mirror Lodge & Restaurant
Fax: (705) 757-0261
Phone: (705) 757-2377
Toll Free: (800) 639-0804

White Birches Camp
Fax: (705) 757-1502
Phone: (705) 757-0253
Toll Free: (888) 224-4979