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Campbell House B&B Retreat, Newfoundland, Canada

Click for St. John's, Newfoundland Forecast Escape from the city to a quiet and historic coastal village. Campbell House, cited as the place to stay in Newfoundland, is situated on a seaside hilltop. With breathtaking views of the sea all around, this peaceful setting provides a tranquil contrast to everyday routine. Relax, breathe the fresh air, stroll the hills and meadows or explore the town...The choice is yours.

Located in Trinity on the Bonavista Peninsula, it is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and is one of the best-kept secrets in Canada. Trinity is one of the best-known communities in the province. Although the permanent population is only about 350, there are some 50 architecturally significant buildings.Trinity offers a variety of activities such as whale watching and hiking.

The town is home to Rising Tide Theatre's summer program and was the location for the filming of The Shipping News, a high-budget 2001 Hollywood film starring acting icons Kevin Spacey, Julianne Moore, and Dame Judy Dench. The recently aired CBC series "Random Passage" was also filmed in the Trinity area.

"Trinity charms visitors on at least two accounts. Many newcomers are struck by the natural beauty of the area, a magnificent harbour and the splendid maritime setting. Others are touched by a powerful sense of history (Old Worldliness) and the pride of place instilled by the cultural landscape. Trinity is a community whose personality has been largely shaped by the sea. The harbour has been proclaimed as one of the best in Newfoundland, even one of the finest in the world. The harbour not only provided abundant shelter and good holding ground, but was also spacious. It was once claimed to hold the entire British Navy. Trinity Harbour has provided access to and refuge from the North Atlantic since the early 16th century when it was first used by European fishermen. West Countrymen from England began using it as a summer station in the migratory fishery in the 1570s, and in 1615 Richard Whitbourne (later Sir Richard) held a Court of the Admiralty, the first of its kind in the New World. Since then Trinity has been the scene of many other significant historical events" - excerpt from Gordon Handcock's "The Story of Trinity", a publication of the Trinity Historical Society

Campbell House B&B Retreat
High Street, Trinity, Newfoundland
"Eastern Newfoundland"
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