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Bruce Peninsula Photos (new site should be finished by May of 2006)

Sauble Beach Photo Tour

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Snowmobile Trails

Wiarton - Gateway to the Bruce Peninsula

Owen Sound - At the bottom of the Bruce Peninsula

Grey-Bruce Directory - Photos of Grey-Bruce

Ontario's best kept secret the Bruce Peninsula.

The Niagara Escarpment has been recognized by UNESCO as a "World Biosphere Reserve" and its cliffs are on the east shore of the Peninsula.

This is paradise for naturalists, photographers, cyclists, skiers, snowmobilers, scuba divers, sun bathers, sailors, hikers, people fishing and much more. The east side of the peninsula is very scenic, rugged with sand or bolder beaches. The west side is shallow with large soft sand beaches or flat rock beaches that have warm water and great sunsets. How many places can say that you can enjoy the rugged escarpment and a soft sand beaching all within a 1/2 hour drive of each other

Come and hike the Bruce Trail in the morning, sight seeing or beaching in the afternoon and then watch a sunset in the evening.

Main Events that this site will be promoting:

Fishing Derbies, August

Folk Festival, August

Sandfest, July

Wiarton Willy's Groundhog Festival, February

Summer Heat Wave, July

Snowarana/Skiarama, February

Festival of Northern Lights, December/February

Any boating or sailing event.


For the tourist that wants to drive we suggest the entire east shore with stops at Owen Sound, Big Bay, Colpoy's Lookout Conservation Area, Wiarton, Cape Croker Indian Reserve, Hope Bay, Barrow Bay, Lion' Head, Dyers Bay, Cabot Head, Tobermory. The west shore is a little harder to get to with smaller roads north of Sauble Beach. We suggest a stop at Dorcus Bay and driving along the shore from Pike Bay to Sauble Beach. All this diving can be done in one day if you rush (the drive from Owen Sound to Tobermory is 1.5 hours on HWY 6). What we recommend is staying at one of our fine Hotels, Motels, Cottages or Campgrounds and taking your time. Visiting a week or two would be easy.

Main Tourist destinations are Tobermory and Sauble Beach. Tobermory has much to offer like scuba diving, sight seeing, hiking, sea kayaking, tours and much more. Sauble Beach is very well known for its soft sand beach, Sauble River with a small water falls and large sand dunes just north of Sauble Falls.

Less crowded destinations are Southampton, Owen Sound, Wiartion, Lion's Head. Southampton has a great beach with soft sand, the very large Saugeen River enters here for all year round fishing and out in Lake Huron there is Salmon fishing. Wiarton has lots of Motels for easy access to all parts of the Bruce Peninsula. Also, hiking the Bruce Trail is popular, Salmon fishing is good from when the ice goes out to October and Rainbow fishing is good from November to April. Lion's Head is similar to Wiarton but does not have as many places to stay. Owen Sound is the hub of Grey and Bruce Counties, and here you will find shopping, main events, Salmon or Rainbow fishing, sailing, fishing tours and much more. All areas in winter offer cross country skiing and snowmobiling.

Less know places of interest are, the beach at Red Bay, beach at Oliphant, Pike Bay, Stokes Bay and so many more dead end roads that have enjoyable waterfronts.

We saved the best for last. One place that is important to see if you can do a short rugged hike. The place is the hike down to Georgian Bay at Cyprus lake. There is no other place on earth like it. What you will see is everything the Niagara Escarpment has to offer. From under water caves to bolder beaches and cliffs. Moderate to easy rock climbing is required.

Well what do you think? Should we tell you about the many small inland lakes, golfing, caves, cliffs, rock climbing, mountain bike trails, canoe routs, stock car racing and more? Yes ...Info To Come.

Greig's Caves -
Ontario's Largest Natural Limestone Caves
Open May 24 to Thanksgiving
Hike the Bruce Trail
Spring Flowers at Skinner Bluff
Jones Falls - Springmount
Spirit Rock - Wiarton
West Rocks - Owen Sound Photos Photos
Grey-Bruce Directory Photos
Red Bay Summer Photos