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Forrest Lodge Outdoor Resort, Armstrong, Northern Ontario

Forrest Lodge Outdoor Resort invite you to their drive to lodge on scenic Caribou Lake, Ontario. Rated one of Ontario's 25 best fishing lakes for Walleye, Northern Pike and Lake Trout. Caribou Lake is also the head waters of the Arctic watershed.

Convenience is a plus. Drive right to your fully modern, exceptionally clean, non-smoking, very roomy, light housekeeping cabin. Get fishing right away. No waiting for someone to pick you up or an airplane to fly you out.

Bring your camera, you never know what you'll cross paths with--Caribou, Moose, Bears, Beavers, Bald Eagles, Loons and a beautiful landscape that will make a lasting impression. You'll reminisce about this place for years!

All Modern Non-Smoking Light-House Keeping Cabins include: Fully Equipped Kitchens with Pots & Pans, Dishes, Utensils, Indoor Facilities, Pillows, Sheets, Blankets and Gas Grills. We suggest you get most of your supplies in Thunder Bay to avoid any delays at the border. Due to our remote location, please plan accordingly. We regret that our facility can not accommodate pets.

    RV,Travel Trailer ,Truck camper spots & overnight Tent sites
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Fishing for Trout, Walleye and Northern:

Caribou Lake is approximately 25 miles long with depths up to 250 feet. It has over 23,000 acres of prime fishing waters. There are numerous islands and bays, a diversified structured bottom for the ever-popular Walleye; Shallow reedy bays for fighting Northern's; deep cool pockets for the elusive Lake Trout. For the extra challenge, try fly fishing for Northern's.

Our 16 foot Lund boats are equipped with 30 HP Yamaha® motors, 2 swivel-back seats, nets, 2-5 gal tanks of gas, bait buckets and coolers with ice. We highly promote Catch & Release for the preservation of Caribou Lake fishery.


Ontario Moose Hunting Information:

The "Canada Moose" defines big game hunting in North America. The season for bow and gun hunters starts in mid-September. Non-resident hunters must have a valid hunting license and be a registered guest at a tourist establishment. There are many ways to hunt Ontario Moose, calling, paddling up creeks, small rivers or along the lakeshore and stalking in the bush. Being patient, watching and waiting in feeding areas, edges of marsh meadows, 2-5 year old burn areas and forest cutovers can be very rewarding, especially if it's also a browsing or travel corridor. When moose begin to bed down, they criss - cross the wind and then hook back to watch their downwind trail.

A bull moose can weigh as much as 1,400 pounds with antlers close to 5 feet across. A cow can weigh in as much as 800 pounds and a calf can weigh more than 400 pounds. Moose can live to be 20 years old or more, but are in their prime between 6-9 years of age.

Hunters should chose calibers , such as .270,.308,.30-06 and .300 Winchester magnum. A bullet weight of at least 150 grains that can penetrate thick hide, bone and muscle. Recurve and compound bows must have a draw weight of 49 pounds or more with draw length 28" or less. Crossbow, draw weight of 119 pounds or more with a draw length of 12 " or more. Muzzleloaders can be used during any regular gun season. Calibers of .50 and .54 are most popular. Heavy bullet and as large of charge, as always, with safety and accuracy.

Remember, the killing is the easy part, it's the knowledge and skill that comes afterward to prepare, preserve and store the meat properly.

Box 128
Armstrong, ON
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3780 Trout Lake Road
Woodruff, WI 54568