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GlobalTourism.com 2005 Resort Report

We stayed for three days in July

This is a nice rustic resort, ideal for families with children, photographers, naturalists, group meetings and tour groups.

Note: This is not a luxury resort.

The new owners are doing upgrades to a resort that was neglected for seven years. You can expect three great meals and they do provide a box lunch if you go on a tour. There are some activities for children and adults that will be expanded over the years. It takes about 5 minutes to walk to the soft sand beach.

This was our first stay at a resort and we found the experience very enjoyable as we got to meet very nice people in a communal lodge atmosphere.

  • Children having fun.
  • Many people went touring the Bruce Peninsula.
  • Children loved the beach.
  • Children loved the resort.
  • Sailing in Red Bay was popular.
  • Watching a red, Red Bay sunset.

We rate this resort 6 out of 10.
When the renovations are complete we will give it an 8 out of 10

The highest rating for a rustic resort is 8