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Global Tourism took a vacation in Newfoundland. Below are the areas we visited.

Our vacation was for 10 days in August. We had some type of rain 7 days out of 10 days and wore a jacket about the same amount of time. The people were friendly and the landscape was fantastic. We will go back go again.

We did not have an agenda when we left for Newfoundland. On the fiery locals told us of all the best places to go. By the time we got off the fiery we new exactly what we wanted to do.

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Above is a slide show of the Newfoundland ferry and the drive across the Island. The highway is quite uneventful. It is like divining in any northern area of Canada. You must take side trips if you want to see anything. On the way across we stayed at friendly Hull's Riverview B&B in Springdale 1-877-673-4518 and camped in Gander at the clean Country Inn Trailer Park 1-888-256-7755