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Photos provided by Alamo Inn B&B , Alamo Texas

Butterflies, Texas Lower Rio Grande
The Lower Rio Grande is a rich butterfly viewing area year round offering 300 species. One of the great places to watch butterflies is at the Valley Nature Center in Weslaco and they maintain a check list of what has been seen there by month. This list is carried on their web site under Butterflies at www.valleynaturecenter.org . For more free butterfly information, maps, and checklists and for field guides and other books call the Bird & Wildlife Shop at Alamo Inn, 956 782-9912.

South Texas has 300 of North America's 500 butterfly species.

    Best Butterfly Hot Spots
  • Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge butterfly gardens at visitor center and at old manager's residence, south of Alamo
  • NABA Butterfly Park, south of Mission, east of Bentsen State Park
  • Valley Nature Center and Frontera Audubon Sanctuary, Weslaco
  • Edinburg Wetlands, Edinburg
  • Los Ebanos Preserve, near Los Fresnos, Texas
  • Sable Palm Audubon Sanctuary butterfly garden, near Brownsville
  • Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge butterfly gardens at visitor center