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Gran's Farm
Hiking, canoeing, touring the Lower Belize Rainforest

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The only such in Belize, Gran's Farm is a carefully landscaped area with a large variety of tropical fruit trees. We have some 60 + species of fruit trees with a wide variety of each species. Imagine an orchard that has some 22 different varieties of mangoes, a citrus orchard with 12 different varieties of citrus plants and an array of exotic fruits which includes Velvet Apple, Star Apple, Akee, Sapodilla, Casabanana, Granadilla, Rambotan, Mangosteen, Passion Fruit, Tamarind, Breadfruit, Loquat, Rose Apple and Baboon Cap just to name a few.

Gran's Farm primary focus is guided tours of our tropical fruit orchard, our botanical garden and our lowland rainforest immediately behind us. We provide nature trails for hiking through the wooded area of our farm. We also provide for canoeing downstream the Hector Creek to our facilities.

Whilst touring, the visitor will be taken along well-maintain pathways that leads them to different species of tropical fruit trees which are labeled with well placed colorful signs. Interesting features of the tours are the detailed explanations and elaboration of the most salient features of some plants. For example; the explanations of the coconut tree, its flowers, its pollination, peeling of the fruit, collection of its water, its milk, its meat, its uses and other aspects of this plant. In most cases, there are actual demonstrations of the retrieval of water and meat from the young coconut.

In addition to the hiking, canoeing and touring the tropical fruit orchard, botanical garden and lowland rainforest, there are other forms of entertainment which includes swimming, fruit sampling, wine tasting, gift shopping, or just laying back and enjoying typical Belizean food and desserts whilst listening to Belizean and Caribbean music, often times live.

Gran's Farm ( Main Office)
16 Magazine Road
Belize City, Belize, C.A.
Tel: 501-227-0406, 501-225-6216
Fax: 501-227-5221
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E-mail for more info or price