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Emerald Indonesia tours & travel, the gateway to Sulawesi

Indonesia is an archipelago of more then 17.000 tropical unique islands between the Indian and Pacific Ocean. The country is fabulous rich by flora, fauna, volcanoes, lakes, mountains, cultures, beaches, coral reefs and landscapes. It is Indonesia’s magnificent treasure.

Indonesia is the emerald of the globe, it is an exotic paradise…… It’s a gift from above!

PT Emerald Indonesia Tours & Travel is the specialist of Sulawesi ecotourism. We can offer you all kind of programs, for individuals and groups. We will help you to discover this magnificent island; we not only offer Sulawesi tours, but other Indonesian destinations as well. You will have a great safe journey that you will always remember.

We also offer intercontinental and domestic tickets, car/minivan rental and hotel reservations all over Indonesia. We can help you to plan your program for individuals and also for groups or special events.

We can offer you English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese or Indonesian speaking guides, more languages on request.

PT Emerald Indonesia Tours & Travel offers ecotourism and that has made us strong and unique. We will offer our clients unbelievable tour programs and this does not have a negative effect on our nature and cultures.

PT Emerald Indonesia Tours and Travel is a very social tour operator, we support several local projects in Indonesia! Like the PAK Orphanage Project Indonesia.


Sulawesi is located between Kalimantan (Borneo), Maluku and the Philippines. This magnificent island belongs to East Indonesia. Sulawesi was called “Celebes” in the old days. This name is coming from a Bugis word “Si Lebih, this meaning “more islands”. The name Sulawesi is coming from Sula (Island) and besi (Iron). This is coming from the iron around Lake Matano (Danau Matano). Sulawesi is has five provinces; North Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi Gorontalo and South Sulawesi.

Makassar (Ujung Pandang)
Makassar is the gateway to East Indonesia. The population is more then 1,3 million in Makassar and it’s a huge, but not a chaotic city. Journeys to Sulawesi will start most of the time at this modern cultural city. It’s great to spend the afternoon at Jl. Somba Opu during the magnificent sunset; you will see many local people sitting on the boulevard waiting to see the sun going down in the Makassar Strait. There is a lot to do in during the evening, many traditional and classic restaurants with local and international dish. Makassar has nice bars and clubs with an international atmosphere. The city’s energy is making Makassar a nice place to spend a few days for all kind of tourist young and old.
    Makassar attractions and surroundings
  • Fort Rotterdam
  • Monumen Mandala
  • Pelabuhan Paotre
  • Somba Opu
  • Bantimurung
    Gua Leang Leang
  • Malino
  • Pantai Bira
  • Bira beach
  • Danau Tempe
    Tana Toraja attractions
  • Rantepao
  • Batutumonga
  • Ke’te Kesu
  • Londa
  • Lemo
  • Sa’dan
  • Mamasa Valley
    North Sulawesi attractions and surroundings
  • Togean or Togian Islands
  • Manado and Palau Bunaken
    Central Sulawesi attractions and surroundings
  • Palu
  • Lake Poso, Tentena and Pendolo
  • Lore Lindu National Park and Bada Valley
  • South Sulawesi

Tour examples

    Eco Trekking Morowali
  • (Active jungle trekking 7day’s/6nights)
    South Sulawesi the other way
  • (Active and Cultural tour with beach program 15day’s/14nights)
    Discover Torajaland
  • (Active cultural program 4day’s/3nights)

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