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Lijiang, Yunnan China

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With our ecotourism company, you will discover the Lashihai Wenhai Watershed Nature Reserve, Lijiang, Shangri-La, Deqin, Three Parallel Rivers (Yangt-ze River, Nu River and Lanchang River) and Tibet area. Your travel experience will allow for a unique opportunity to support the local ethnic cultures while enjoying the diversity and beauty of the land, with a true respect for all.

Travel with Lijiang Xintuo Ecotourism Tours to a place where mountains, lakes, canyons, forests, animals, plants, villages, religion, and culture merge into a peaceful setting for exploring Northwest Yunnan's incredible natural and cultural diversity.
Some of your many your choices are:

Several hours, half day, full day, week long tours with Hiking, trekking, horsing, bird watching, canoeing and mountain biking.

On your trip, you will have a good chance to stay in the Ecolodge, local homestay and different kinds of hotel.
The Lashihai Ecotourism Company gives a real opportunity for local people to empower themselves. It is employee and community-owned within support of The Nature Conservancy , 10% of its profit is given to a conservation and community development fund, and employs local Naxi and Yi-trained guides.

In enjoying a wonderful tour, you can contribute to conservation efforts to protect the region's biodiversity and provide a sustainable alternative income source for these isolated and fascinating local communities.
    About The Area
  • Located in the southwest frontier of China, bordering Tibet, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Laos with a boundary of more than 4,000 km, Yunnan is a diverse and interesting Province. The name Yunnan comes from an old legend. It is said that during the reign of emperor Hanwu, some colorful clouds appeared in the south sky, so this place was named Yunnan (" Yun" in china means cloudy and "Nan" means south).
  • Yunnan province covers a total area of 383,000 km and has a population of 40 million, including 25 minority nationalities; Yi, Bai, Hani, Dai, Zhuang, to name a few. The population of minority nationalities makes up one third of Yunnan's total population and each has their own history, dress and culture. The entire province is situated on a highland at a low latitude and receives plentiful sunshine all year making the climate ideal for travel. The capital city of this province is Kunming, known for its wonderful climate which gives it a reputation for "year round spring."
  • The spectacular mountains and rivers in Yunnan area are famous for their natural beauty and for the historical sites found throughout. The stone forest, one of Yunnan's natural wonders, is a wild limestone karst area with a labyrinth of canyons and spires interspersed with lovely green trees. Three of Asia's great rivers (Lancing river (Mekong), golden sand river (Yangze), and nujiang river (Nu)) flow parallel to each other through deep canyons in northwest Yunnan as they rush off of the Tibetan Plateau. These canyons provide incredible hiking and ecotourism possibilities. One example is the Tiger Leaping Gorge of the Yangze, where one can hike during the day and stay in perfect guest houses overlooking the mountains in the evenings. In addition, Yunnan is known for its great natural diversity. A huge number of plant species, including spectacular rhododendrons, many rare animals and a remarkable geology distinguish Yunnan from anywhere else on earth. Yunnan is a quintessential tourist area with attractions for all—from outdoor adventurers to the less ambitious.

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Map: Where is Lijiang, Yunnan China?